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10 tips for boosting sales on Amazon.

10 tips for boosting sales on Amazon.
อัพเดทล่าสุด : 26/07/2018 - 08:45:41 this name is known to everybody. This is the world biggest website for selling online. With lots of products and variety of categories, customer can shop around the clock. This is the very source which merchants and entrepreneurs enter. If you want to sell well with a landslide sales volume, you need to know 10 things.    

1. Register as a professional seller.   

Although you have to pay membership monthly fee $39.99, the advantage is you won’t be charged with $0.99 per transaction. If you can move 40 items per month, that’s the worth of it. You will be entitled to sell unlimited categories and pieces, use many important sales function, such as, business reports and advertise your products on Amazon

2. Follow the rules.

To avoid the account being closed or products are not found, the sellers need to follow the rules set by the website.

3. Thai products travel the world.

Even though there are lots of products on Amazon, you need not worry as Thai products have competitive edge in quality and price. Just have good products and create content to promote your store… make a big bang. And you will be successful sellers on Amazon.

4. Be in the front row

Of course, all merchants want their products to be on the front pages to be easily found. The following are simple techniques:

-Cheapest products inclusive of transportation

-Enter product search terms for customers to easily find them

-Create advertisement to reach target

5. Prompt reply to customer.   

What Amazon wants is “Reply within 24 hours”. It is not too cruel. Any stores do not meet this requirement, they will be deemed ignore consumers.

6. Give detailed explanation about products.

Let’s imagine if it was us who are the buyers. We want to know as many information as possible about the products. Giving detailed explanation about products is therefore an important factor.

7. Use big product picture and follow Amazon instruction

Amazon’s requirement for product picture is - the width or height at least 1,000 pixels. The product is 85% of the space on white background to support the feature zoom image so that product detail is visible.

8. Follow feedback about products.

Many people may have question in mind. Once sold – why have to follow for feedback. Here are 2 simple explanations.

- Some consumers want to make sure that this store carries good products, delivers on time, no cheating. Getting feedback from consumers who purchased our products will   give confidence to others. In this age, people tend to believe the review of the real users.

- Amazon will use the review of older consumers to do analysis and score confidence consumers have for the products, which will directly affect your trade show in the search pages.

9. Pay attention to the packaging

It certainly is not good if your products reach consumers in bad shape or damaged. If so you will get a feedback in writing. Of course it will be negative and affects your store in long term

10. Fast shipping.

Of course everybody wants to get quick products. Let’s imagine how frustrating it is to have to do the packing one by one by yourself to send to the USA. Amazon offers “Fulfillment by Amazon” service for the merchants to place their products in over 100 warehouses in America. Amazon will deliver the products to customers within 2 days. At this stage, the merchants will have to choose reliable transportation service without any damages to the products.

DHL is the well-established Company with long year of experience in the international shipping field. The Company is fully equipped with transportation tools, experienced staff with the same standard all over the world. Let us be your business partner.

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-10 ไอเดียทำไงให้ขายดีบน Amazon (และ ebay):

-เรียนรู้การทำการค้าขข้ามประเทศผ่าน ebay, amazon และมาเลเซีย


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