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Top 5 exports of Thailand.

Top 5 exports of Thailand.
อัพเดทล่าสุด : 26/07/2018 - 08:46:02

Exporting your own product overseas is the ambition of all

business owners. Apart from the huge amount of earning, it

brings reputation to both the owners and the country. Let’s take

a look at the 5 hot hit Thai export products that draw landslide

money into the country.

1. Thai food

Export value of Thai food is in the top rank with value of

220,190 million baht. Credit must go to the taste and distinctive

characteristic of Thai food which satisfy foreigners. The

exported Thai food is in the forms of both instant and pre-

cooked that can be easily finished.

2. Thai Jasmine Rice

Thailand is an agricultural country and rice is our staple

food. Jasmine rice is therefore the best export product.

Nowadays more and more foreigners consume jasmine rice.

Thailand is famous for being in the top rank of jasmine rice

export. This is another product that draws huge money into the


3. Accessory

Thailand is the origin of many kinds of gems, such as, ruby,

precious color stones or pearl. Moreover, with the skill of

designers accepted internationally, Thai jewelry is therefore in

demand in the international market. This business draws

239,319.52 million baht into the country.

4. Leather shoes and leather products

This is one more very well accepted business by foreigners.

With skill, craftsmanship especially in sewing, ample raw

materials and much enough production capacity, leather

products thus highly attract foreigners. It is not surprising that

this business draws 38,286 million baht into the country.

5. Thai silk.

Ages gone by, Thai silk has still been the export product that

generate soaring margin. For foreigners, this is the national

identity. In addition to exquisite weaving, Thai silk is

comfortable and can be applied to match all clothing for all

occasions. Thai silk can draw in 5,000 million baht

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Hot hit international export products which draw money and fame.


Export business which earns profit in overseas market.

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