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Key dates for the e-commerce events in 2022

Key dates for the e-commerce events in 2022
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The epidemic and related supply chain delays have caused issues for online businesses all across the world, and it's been a rough 18 months for global trade. Despite this, e-commerce continues to flourish — and will do so through 2022 and beyond.


It’s time to take advantage of every potential sales opportunity.


DHL Express has consolidated a helpful calendar with all of the important e-commerce dates you need to know in order to expand your business. It's all here, from conferences and expeditions to internet sales efforts you should participate in. You might find something relevant for your market.


Mark your calendar now!


  • Blue Monday: 17 January

The holiday cheer has faded, Dry January has begun to drag, and the long winter evenings have arrived. This may be the best opportunity to provide a special discount coupon to your consumers.


  • NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show: 16-18 January. New York, USA

The annual conference and expo of the National Retail Federation will bring together 30,000 retailers, vendors, and industry professionals to network and share information. Guest speakers from Walmart, Ralph Lauren, and IBM will be there.



  • Chinese New Year: 1-15 February

The Lunar New Year, one of China's most important holidays, is celebrated by fireworks, family gatherings, and gift-giving. While red is a symbol of good luck, goods that suggest time is running out, such as clocks and watches, are just a few of the items that are deemed prohibited!


  • Valentine’s Day: 14 February

There's a hint of romance in the air... Is there a great present in your e-commerce store to convey "I love you"? Send an email to your consumers a week before the big day to inform them of all the romantic delicacies you have in store.


  • eTail Australia: 15-17 February. Sydney, Australia

The most senior-level e-commerce and digital marketing event for the retail industry in Australia." This three-day event promises to provide valuable information to help e-commerce companies succeed, such as how to create successful partnership models and the value of tailored client experiences.


  • eCommerce Fair Tokyo: 17-18 February. Tokyo, Japan

This is Japan's largest e-commerce event, with guests encouraged to "leap into the future of e-commerce." Key e-commerce developments, such as smart logistics, virtual and augmented reality, and B2B solutions, will be explored during the show.



  • White Label World Expo: 2-3 March. London, UK

With 7,000 guests, 200 presenters, and 500 exhibitors expecting to immerse themselves in all things e-commerce, this expo and conference bills itself as the world's largest event for professional online retailers.


  • International Women’s Day: 8 March

The International Women's Day (IWD) campaign honours women's accomplishments and promotes gender equality across the world. #BreakTheBias is the topic for 2022; express your support for the cause by using the hashtag on social media.


  • Mother’s Day (UK): 27 March

Consumers hunt for the right present to reward their moms on Mother's Day, which is a huge seller for online businesses. Chocolate and flowers are usually strong sellers. Most European nations and the United States celebrate in May, so verify the calendar for your target market.


  • Shoptalk: 27-30 March. Las Vegas, USA

This event will bring together "retail disruptors" to discuss the future of the industry. Emerging retail technology, ground-breaking digital experiences, and the shifting face of the online customer will be discussed by industry experts and innovators.



  • Easter: 15-18 April

As people hunt for gifts to give to loved ones, online spending spikes in the weeks leading up to Easter. For those selling chocolate treats, this will be a very busy time!



  • Eid al-Fitr: 2-3 May

Over 1.6 billion Muslims around the world will exchange presents with family and friends to mark the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan. With our special Ramadan guide, you'll learn how to tap into the Muslim economy.


  • Sellers Summit: 4-6 May. Florida, USA

The "ultimate e-commerce learning experience" is a two-day curriculum-based programme that promises to provide students with real-world, concrete ideas for running a successful e-commerce firm.


  • E-commerce Berlin Expo: 5 May. Berlin, Germany

This B2B conference and exhibition, one of Europe's largest e-commerce events, brings together significant industry executives and decision-makers. Over 8,000 people are scheduled to attend.



  • Shoptalk Europe: 6-8 June. London, UK

This event, which focuses on groceries and FMCG, allows guests to learn from and engage with major retailers and brands, as well as start-ups, tech businesses, investors, analysts, and others.


  • eTail Asia: 7-9 June. Sentosa, Singapore & Online

Attendees may network with and learn from industry professionals as they share insights and best practises at "Asia's top event for retail e-commerce and digital marketing innovators."


  • Father’s Day (UK & US): 19 June

Dads, too, deserve to be spoiled! Why not provide your clients a list of the top Father's Day items you have in stock?



  • Amazon Prime Day: TBC

The specific date is unknown, but it's safe to assume that the global shopping spree will take place in July. Amazon Prime Day, a two-day event, attracts bargain seekers from all around the world, who scoop up goods in record numbers.


  • Online Retailer: 20-21 July. Sydney, Australia

Attendees from the digital, retail, technology, marketing, and e-commerce industries will gather for a two-day conference and exhibition to learn, network, and cooperate.



  • iMedia Online Retail Summit: Gold Coast, Australia 9 – 11 August

E-commerce meets business networking, thought-leadership talks, one-on-one meetings, and interactive roundtable conversations in this one-of-a-kind setting. 200 top digital product, transformation, and marketing experts from Australia's largest Enterprise retail companies attended the event.



  • DMEXCO 2022: 21-22 September. Cologne, Germany & Online

Through lectures, discussions, and masterclasses, Europe's top digital marketing expo and conference will bring together industry leaders to examine the future digital agenda.


  • Ecommerce Expo: 28-29 September. London, UK

E-commerce experts and decision-makers from both the B2B and B2C sectors are invited to network and learn about innovative e-commerce technologies at this three-day conference.



  • eCommerce Expo Asia: 12-13 October. Marina Bay, Singapore

The highly anticipated e-commerce event in Asia promises "live talks" on the newest cutting-edge technologies that are altering cross-border commerce, omni-channel retail, last-mile delivery, and more.


  • EAfrica Expo: 15 October. Zambia, Africa

EAfrica Expo will be divided into three sessions to investigate e-commerce technologies and practises for "everyone and everyone who wants actual, tangible solutions that will propel their business ahead."



  • Singles’ Day: 11 November

China's Singles' Day, which began as a holiday for Chinese university students to celebrate their single status, has grown to become the world's largest shopping day. What greater motivation could there be to begin shipping to China?


  • Black Friday: 25 November

Another significant one. The once-dominantly American sales day has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Customers from all around the world will be flocking to the internet to spend, spend, spend, so be ready. Also, don't forget about Cyber Monday on the 28th, which is a wonderful opportunity to sell off any remaining inventory.



  • 12.12: 12 December. APAC

12.12 is one of Southeast Asia's "Mega Sale Days." Essentially the region's equivalent of Black Friday, the event was created to assist small businesses in competing with large retailers. Consumers will be flocking to the internet in unprecedented numbers, so be sure your website is optimized for them.


  • Christmas Day: 25 December

The final item on the list is your last chance of the year to generate some significant sales. As Santa will tell you, planning ahead is essential - there is no such thing as starting too early. Here are some pointers to help you take advantage of every chance. Merry Christmas!


  • Ignite: DATE TBC

Award-winning industry professionals will share best practices to help attendees convert their marketing into a strong business driver at the world's largest virtual B2B marketing and networking event.


Are you ready to make the most of 2022’s events? Let DHL Express help you achieve that goal. We will handle your shipments professionally and responsibly for you to destinations covering 220 countries and territories worldwide.


For more information, contact our customer service agents at Live Chat at the bottom right button, on Monday to Friday, 08.00-17.00 hr. or call DHL Express customer service at 02-345-5000 (24 hours) and let our agents assist you. Have some international shipment to ship now? click here MyDHL+




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