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DHL Express shares tips of how you can do this Christmas
to make your logistics more sustainable


Christmas is approaching, which means we'll be buying online in record numbers once again. Consumers, in addition to the dilemmas of where to get the greatest deals and ship gifts to their loved while also becoming increasingly worried about the environmental impact from e-commerce shopping and logistics.


According to a recent survey, more than a third of buyers (37%) now base their purchasing decisions on a retailer's ethical and sustainability practices, while 67% say they are more concerned about the environmental effect of the things they buy now than they were five years ago.


This peak Christmas shopping season, when the majority of your new customers will be visiting your site, it is the ideal moment to establish your green credentials and guarantee that they return next year and beyond. Continue reading to learn from DHL Express how to make your logistics more sustainable as we’re committed to providing international logistics services following our Sustainability Roadmap and the three pillars of ESG.



Let's take a little detour to your packing before we get into logistics. After all, more than half of E-commerce customers in the UK and US (52%) prefer firms to produce items with less packaging. Customers uploading images of their little items coming flooded in superfluous and needless boxes and layers of wrapping has become known as "packaging shaming" on social media.


Explore plastic-free, ecological packaging choices to avoid embarrassment. There are a lot of firms in the industry that are trying unique things. Noissue, for example, provides unique packaging manufactured to order, with every item being 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable.


Calculate your carbon footprint.

You can only create sustainable goals if you know where your company stands right now. Planetly's Climate Impact Manager tool, for example, may assist you in identifying your top emission hotspots and comparing them to your business competitors. You may then start making improvements, such as decreasing power use in your offices and warehouses or switching to renewable energies. Get your calculators out!


Use electric-vehicles for delivery

Transportation is an important aspect of the E-commerce supply chain, and transportation operations account for 17% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, according to Boston Consulting Group. E-commerce companies may lessen the environmental effect of their delivery by partnering with a logistics company that has a world-leading sustainability commitment.


DHL Express is committed for net-zero emissions by 2050. In order to achieve this green mission, we aim to make last-mile delivery greener by 60% and to have up to 80,000 electric vehicles by 2030. Recently, in August 2021, DHL Express wrote aviation history by announcing that it was the first to order 12 fully electric Alice eCargo planes from Eviation to set up an unparalleled electric Express network and make a pioneering step into a sustainable aviation future.


Meanwhile in Thailand, DHL Express was also the first logistics company in Thailand to deploy 50 electric motorbikes for first and last-mile services, serving 5 districts in Bangkok since July 2020. These specially developed motorbikes are fully electric, help decrease carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to planting 10,000 trees each year.



Carbon offsetting

Have you ever been shopping online and noticed that the company you're buying from says it will offset your purchase by planting a tree? Carbon offsetting schemes like these are becoming increasingly popular for E-commerce enterprises to demonstrate their eco-credentials to customers. ClimatePartner is a green E-commerce platform that allows online merchants to analyse their carbon footprints and then choose from a portfolio of climate protection initiatives to offset their emissions.



Missing your delivery?

Everyone hates it when their miss a delivery that you were looking forward to. And according to a GBG analysis from 2021, more than one in ten orders are not delivered to customers on the first try for 24% of UK businesses. Missed deliveries cost businesses billions of dollars a year across the world – 68% of those polled claimed unsuccessful and late deliveries constitute a major cost to their operations – and redelivery attempts result in higher emissions.


Fortunately, DHL Express has tips so you can lower your missed delivery rate for your customers;

·       Allow customers to select a certain delivery time window using DHL’s On Demand Delivery solution so that they can be sure they'll be home.

·       When delivering international shipments to your customers, DHL Express offers an option that the receiver may choose to pick up their shipment at parcel lockers and DHL Express Service Points. With this, a courier can deliver many shipments to a single place at once, saving your company money and lowering transportation emissions.

·       Invest in monitoring technology that alerts customers to the status of their international shipments through SMS and email on a frequent basis.


DHL Express is committed to simply delivering excellence in a sustainable way and becoming the green leader in the logistics industry. Whether you are shipping business documents, your sold products or personal shipment during this Christmas and New Year, let us handle your shipments professionally and responsibly for you.


How to check estimated international shipping rate with DHL Express

1.     Visit MyDHL+ website. 

2.     Fill in the country of origin and destination country.

3.     Select type of shipment; document or parcel

4.     Fill in dimensions of shipment. You will find your estimated international shipment rate for service at different channels; through MyDHL+, through Customer Service’s hotline, or drop-off at DHL Express Service Point near you!


For more information, contact our customer service agents at Live Chat at the bottom right button, on Monday to Friday, 08.00-17.00 hr. or call DHL Express customer service at 02-345-5000 (24 hours) and let our agents assist you. Have some international shipment to ship now? click here MyDHL+




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